The connection between science and the arts has been central to our house for some time now as a lab for active research and adventurous experimentation. It is with great pleasure that we share a selection with the general public this weekend:
Helicopter butterflies with elastic energy and the flying skills of Leonardo da Vinci; Ada Byron Lovelace helps you play while programming; Madame Curie takes an X-ray of your jumping jack; design mathematical mosaic patterns with the help of M.C. Escher; build constructions based on forms in nature and on the beautiful projects of the Iraqi-British architect, Zaha Hadid. But beware – sometimes a chain reaction runs through the house…
A warm welcome!

In the context of the Belgian ‘Grafiekweekend’, you can also be busy at ABC ‘druk druk druk’ stamping to your heart’s content and printing on paper, cardboard or fabric, with letters, feathers or vegetables, with your thumbs or your feet…

Dance Workshop
Inspired by Segni Mossi and interaction between dance and graphics, we open our movement room for a joint workshop session for children aged 6 to 10 and their parents – quick registration is advised ….
Saturday 05/05 and Sunday 06/05 from 14:00 to 15:30

Kitchen lab
You’d rather be a ‘big fish in a small pond’ but together with our in-house alchemist, Nick Trachet, you won’t be ‘a fish out of water.’
Come and cook with our seafood-specialist, but let’s also break spaghetti, make a tastey sauce from Newton’s apple or taste five different Halva varieties.
Bon Appetit!
Saturday 05/05 from 14:00 to 16:00
From 8 years / Children accompanied by 1 adult

ABC-House, Place Gaucheret 13, 1030 Brussels
Saturday 05/05 and sunday 06/05/2018
From 10am till 5pm
Reservations not necessary except for the dance workshop and the kitchen lab: