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OCEANIA HULA LA – Cinquantenaire Museum – ABC

Pack your bikinis and sunhats – we are travelling to the enchanting islands of the Pacific! Fun for the whole family on this edition of Kids’ Art Day: ! OCEANIA Hula la !.
Let’s exchange the breath of life through a traditional Maori greeting: the hongi and don’t forget to decorate your chin with your favourite design.
Create a totem that will protect your family, put on an original mask and strike a pose or imagine your own New-Zealand-style mask inspired by traditional patterns. A necklace made of clay symbols will bring you friendship, harmony or happiness.
Relax under the swaying palms and enjoy a refreshing coconut drink while strumming your DIY ukulele or watching your siblings swing their hips in a hula-hoop contest.
Get inspired by the amazing designs you can find throughout the exhibition and help build our giant tapa cloth. Like a challenge? Then why not sew your own Hawaii shirt or hula skirt?
When you’re in need of some quiet time, watch and listen to the Polynesian kamishibai stories about the lovely dancing Hinatea or Maui the hero (NL/FR only).
The littlest ones are welcome in our crèche-café where they in turn can be explorers of this safe environment. For those who prefer the smell of books rather than that of exotic flowers we suggest the cosy book corner.
In short: follow in the footsteps of artists like Paul Gauguin, Max Pechstein, Emil Nolde & Henri Matisse who travelled to this idyllic continent dreaming of finding nature unspoiled and humanity innocent and pure.
If you want to continue dreaming at home, be sure to pick up our adventure trail (NL/FR only)

Sunday 19/11
from 10h30 till 17h
Cinquantenaire Museum, Parc du Cinquantenaire 10, 1000 Brussels
Info and bookings: kmkg-mrah.be – reservations-reservaties@kmkg-mrah.be




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“The complete nonsense books of Edward Lear”

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