Introduction to Macat

Introduction to Macat
22/01/2016 Wim

About Macat

Macat International was founded in 2011. The company works in the fields of education and education technology. Focusing on HASS—the humanities, arts, and social sciences—it develops learning materials aimed at university students, advanced school students, faculty, teachers / professors, and lifelong learners.

Macat has two core aims. The first is to make the ideas of the world’s greatest thinkers accessible and comprehensible to everybody, everywhere, at the best value for money proposition—thus helping to improve educational standards not only in countries well served by university systems, but also in places where quality resources are much harder to access.

The second is to enable the development of higher-order thinking skills. At the heart of the company’s philosophy is a commitment to critical thinking, both as a tool for the study of the HASS disciplines and as a transferable life skill. Macat believes that the humanities, arts, and social sciences are uniquely well suited to the development of key higher-order thinking skills and that these skills, in turn, are increasingly important in building, improving, and safeguarding the societies we live in.


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