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ABC-holiday course Anno 1417 – FULLY BOOKED
From 03/07 to 07/07/2017
A playful journey through time to the daily life in a medieval village or city.
To castles, Gothic cathedrals and monasteries with Gregorian chants.
To distant lands, mythical creatures and the passion of courtly love!

ABC-holiday course Sculptures & Installations – FULLY BOOKED
From 21/08 to 25/08/2017
A three-dimensional discovery through the history of sculpture and the creation of statues, carvings and totems or readymades in all conceivable materials and forms.
Closing with a public opening of the ABC sculpture garden with a celebratory picnic on Friday.

Registration on 18/04/2017, 9am – only via mail@abc-web.be
Attention: reservations are only valid after written confirmation from ABC and payment of the course.
More information on the reservation system and the course program can be found under bookings 2017.




Every first day of the month ABC sends a mail: “Posta silenziosa.” A powerful image, a provocative quote, a poetic thought, etc, coming from the ABC collection or the web, and sometimes linked to one of our current projects, but mainly just because we like to surprise you. An eye- or heartcatcher, or call it ‘a healthy form of emotional irritation.’

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“Little girl moved by art …”
Saturday 29 April 2017 “Dag van de Dans”
Image credits: Kirsty Kelly 

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Working in close collaboration with the HUB-architects, ABC has realized an extension of the existing building. The new addition of the ABC-house consists of two spaces: on the ground floor is a laboratory classroom and on the first floor there is a space for movement/silence/meditation.

  • The laboratory classroom approximates a space where you can work with a group of about twenty-four children (as in a regular school). They can – at the request of and in consultation with the teacher- be provided with modular furniture and materials to make the interior design as inspiring and multifunctional possible. In this way, we hope to emphasize the importance of quality architecture and creative learning environments to (future) teachers. In the same way, we want to see this room as a ‘mental space’, an empty spot which allows you to experiment freely and openly according to a new interpretation of education. We hope to inspire teachers/lecturers in a more artistic and personal way of teaching, where art and creativity are the basis of the whole curriculum. ABC as an advocate of an ART BASED CURRICULUM.
  • In the silence and movement space, both young and old can become more sensitive in the areas of meditation, physicality, rhythm and music, a key addition to what is currently offered in the ABC-house, where we are already working in visual arts, architecture & design, textile, theater, film, stories, etc.

Koen Drossaert, HUB-architects (www.hub.eu)
The architecture of the building is simple and austere, but attempts to find the poetry in dealing with utilitarian materials and the industrial heritage of the site. A basic material, red brick, is chosen, which is so typical of old factory buildings, but is also instituted in a more refined application in a number of historic buildings on the Gaucheret square. From this vision, the brick material connects the site with its factory chimney and the surrounding urban fabric. Like ABC itself, it attempts to bridge the gap between different cultures and places.”

Thanks to funding from the Flemish Community and the Flemish Community Commission


“So the Sun was able to achieve by warmth and gentleness
What the North Wind in all his strength and fury could not do”
From ‘The North Wind and the Sun’ by Brian Wildsmith (based on a story by La Fontaine)

‘The North Wind and the Sun’ is one of the five new stories we recently adapted into Kamishibais.
From now on you can lean them out of the ABC-collection, or order them through our Shop.

For a good deal of imaginative magic!

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