Goeiemorgen beste buur

Goeiemorgen beste buur

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Davide Cali (text) & Maria Dek (illustrations)
Michael De Cock (translation)
© Tiptoe Print 2019

Number of illustrations: 20 / Age: 4+

Available in Dutch

Once upon a time there was a mouse who wanted to cook an omelet  for breakfast, but she didn’t have an egg. So she went to her neighbor, the blackbird, to ask for an egg…: “Good morning, dear neighbor.”

A witty and heartwarming chain story that starts with an egg and ends with a party among friends. Thanks to the playful repetitions, “Good Morning, Dear Neighbor” is perfect to read aloud. The wonderful prints are an ode to nature, and the musical text speaks about solidarity, sharing and the pleasure of cooking together.

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