Creatieve Learning Environements

The way a room is furnished not only affects how you feel, but how you learn as well. ABC works to support the development of children, starting from a specific architectural context with a strong internal logic, a space that stimulates them directly and openly and raises awareness. Evidence of this are the mobile ABC-studios and of course the interior design of the ABC-house, where we try to achieve this as much as possible.

ABC would like to share our expertise in this field. In recent years there were many applications from organisations working with children/young people, looking for a quality, stimulating environment: nurseries, schools, libraries, museums, academies, etc. Recently, ABC has designed the interior of classes in De Kriek primary school / Schaerbeek, St. Lukas primary school/ Brussels and schools in Merksem and Herent as well. ABC is also a partner in the refurbishment of various libraries (incl. Brasschaat) and several kindergartens/IBOs (after-school care facilities) including Retie, Herenthout, Wechelderzande, Brussels etc.

ABC, along with our partners, is investigating the needs and capabilities of the infrastructure and designing specific furniture, finishing up with books and play equipment. The aim is to assemble a tailor-made creative learning environment. This design process is done in several phases and in close consultation with the partner concerned.

At the same time there is a more ‘pedagogic’ coaching program for employees of the partner with the intention to inspire them to work with children/young people creatively in their newly furnished rooms.

“Architecture is always dream and function, expression of an utopia and instrument of a convenience
(Roland Barthes, writer and philosopher)

The work tool

“The third pedagogue, after the adults and other children, is the space, the physical environment. The space is not only the space itself, but also the materials and experiences they offer and the activities that take place there. The layout of the space and the supply of materials must be compliant to the discovery and investigation of the children.”
(Loris Malaguzzi)

With the BASISBOX ‘Architecture’, we want children, (future) teachers, cultural workers, educators, etc to become sensitive to their perception of space and a harmonically balanced interior. Change and improvement of living and working environment are only possible if a process of awareness precedes.

Ten recurring elements to examine a space on its qualities, are:

Form/Proportion, Material, Colour, Light, Sound, Smell, Interior, Circulation, Climate, Environment/Outside space

For each element, the BASISBOX contains various carefully chosen work and play materials: (educational) games, experiments, worksheets, practice activities, visuals, background information, reference books, etc. These materials invite you to explore and discuss every component in an interactive, playful and often sensory way, as a parameter of architectural quality.

All elements are interrelated, since together they are used to denote the general term ‘architecture’ and to make them more transparent.

The BASISBOX is an interesting work tool to use with children, for example, when their classrooms are being renovated or a new building is planned. But also for (future) teachers, librarians, youth workers, etc, to become more aware of the impact of a creative learning environment and the opportunities in your own hands to have a positive influence on a space.

In an indirect way the BASISBOX also serves as a tool for aesthetic education.

Blue Print Catalogue

Based on collaborations with various partners, we examine the needs and possibilities to implement flexible, creative learning environments in existing structures. In these collaborations, ABC furniture is prepared and supplemented with materials and books. Simultaneously, an intensive coaching of the management, the teachers, lecturers and students who will work with the children, is going on. Through this link you can download for free the collection (Blueprint catalog) of our designed furniture to construct it by yourself.

Blue Print