A do-it-yourself toy catalog, surprising suggestions about creative storytelling, a poster on the history of cinema, timeless city games…
In the past ABC has selected and compiled ideas stemming from a particular theme, and made it into a public-friendly publication.
The occasion for each was usually one of our projects; sometimes the booklet was created explicitly on demand (‘the EETiKET booklet’)
The underlying idea is to offer a load of inspiration for all who work with or for children! The booklets are -just like many other ABC spin offs- a way to open up our collection and share it with a wide audience.

You can download all the notebooks below.


This growing and multilingual collection of ideas, links, images, text and working suggestions from the ABC collection originated as part of PLAY, an exhibition by NU Architectuuratelier at Bozar (October 2023 – January 2024). It offers inspiration to play, experiment or explore the world of architecture and design.

In the ABC House itself you can consult the extensive library, scan or copy examples from the books and discover, try out and borrow construction, play, visual or educational materials on this theme.

In the ABC House itself you can consult the extensive library and discover, try out and borrow construction, play and visual materials on the theme.

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Ontdek hier de activiteitenExpo Booklet Download



Welcome to our digital Transbook Catalogue – a multilingual, growing collection of ideas and materials to promote Visual Literacy and Book Culture for schools, libraries and private use.
Structured in 5 basic chapters you can find different subthemes which will provide a resource of inspiration for a broad public of all ages.
Based on our working philosophy of the “thinking hand” we believe in images which are speaking mostly for themselves but as a work in progress we will continually add more necessary descriptions, manuals, links and new ideas.

Download hier de Transbook catalogus


Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) is without a doubt one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His fascinating sculptures made him a pioneer of modernism and even today are a source of inspiration for numerous artists. But apart from being a sculptor, he was also an extraordinary photographer who left behind a lesser-known but wonderful oeuvre. EUROPALIA was bringing Brancusi to Belgium for the very first time with a large exhibition in BOZAR in 2019.

ABC STUDIO BRANCUSI was developed as part of the exhibition and forms a separate space in the exhibition where young and old can browse books, explore and discover the sculptor in themselves. There are also interactive play- and work-stations, a story stage and installations to get started yourself.



Welcome to this visual do-it-yourself toy catalog, a selection from the ‘Creative Resource Library’ from the ABC-house in Brussels.

We would like to share our fascination with this universal cultural heritage because of its timeless magic, creative spirit, its simplicity and ingenuity, poetic power and aesthetic qualities.

This collection of ideas is not only an alternative to the current culture of consumption, it is also an incentive for school projects, recreational workshops, and especially at home, around the kitchen table, to make your own toys. Equally important is the creation process in itself, the joy to experiment and to play together. Most of the ideas in this brochure can be created with cheap recyclable materials from your everyday life.

  • A handy manual in the original languages and print-ready PDFs can also be found in our more comprehensive digital version.
Download the Toy Guide   View the YouTube video

In collaboration with Forum voor Amateurkunsten – Flemish Government


This booklet is a film poster, that is: a poster with various facts associated with ‘film’ (sometimes called ‘the seventh art’). Here, you will discover more about the origins and development of cinema. Long before you sat cozy in a movie theater seat to watch a film/cartoon, many different people were studying how they could get us to believe that images were moving. Making pictures move can be easier than you think. That’s why we give you lots of ideas to get started. Download the brochure and discover the secrets of the flip book, pencil cinema or the zoetrope, to give just a few examples.

Download the poster


You want to make one or more of these curious devices?
Download some manuals from the book “Animation” by Patrick Jenkins.
Website Patrick Jenkins – link –


You can really see some of these “ancestors of cinema” in the Wunderkammer of the Brussels Cinematek – link –


© Collaboration between GALERIES en ABCvzw


The kamishibai booklet is a compilation of creative story making/ telling activities that teachers, librarians and other interested parties can work with. It includes suggestions as well as more elaborate ideas to work with kamishibai on improving reading skills and language fun, as well as on cultural history, arts education, drama, etc.



Generation after generation, children show each other, and parents show their children what games they know, and how to play. But for those who do not have this source of information, at the request of Brussels minister Pascal Smet, ABC made ‘CITY GAMES’ in 2006, a brochure full of games tailored to the streets and squares.



EETiKET is the name under which de Week van de Smaak (the Week of Taste) and FARO, bring children in contact with dining and food culture. As part of this project in 2008, ABC created an interactive booklet with recipes, craft ideas, and of course plenty of visually stimulating images from our book collection.



ABC and the KunstenFestivalDesArts (KFDA) (Arts festival) have gathered together a questionnaire and presented it to artists who attended the festival in 2010. The basic idea behind this concise questionnaire is the captivating search for new answers to eternal questions such as: what is art and art education? What makes someone an artist? How can I be the artist of my own life? We published a compilation of the answers in a small but useful tool for future work.

Download ‘Art of Life a Questionnaire’

ACTIVITY-page – ZAZIE -Brussel deze week

Two months off… that of course meant, party! And yet, sometimes the days went on for too long, it rained cats and dogs, no friends were home… Then appeared the solution: an activity-page from Zazie and ABC filled with fun tasks and games.
You can print the activity-pages or just read and follow the directions here. In either case, click on the images below to open the PDF. Good luck !

• download ZAZIE-activity page 1
• download ZAZIE-activity page 2
• download ZAZIE-activity page 3
• download ZAZIE-activity page 4
• download ZAZIE-activity page 5
• download ZAZIE-activity page 6
• download ZAZIE-activity page 7


Glue the two parts of the child with their backs to each other and slide them into the slot.

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