Series 1:
Photography: The camera as the third eye
It’s a dreamy day, suddenly you see a shadow of the foliage dancing on the kitchen table. Click. A bizarre flower. Click Click. Your sister blows out seven candles. Click. Click. Click. Photographs are carriers of memories. Photography is a medium that connects us to the world, it invites us to express ourselves. During this atelier we will work with a traditional film camera. Photography literally means “writing with light,” as we work we will discover and apply the basics of this magical medium. We will go out with a camera that, like a third eye, captures the world around us on film. We will explore the entire analog process from shooting to printing on photosensitive paper in the darkroom. Together we will learn together to see, frame, observe, choose a viewpoint and make visible the invisible.

Series 2:
A lamp made of paper
When the first light bulbs flared up in the 19th century, their inventors (Thomas Edison was not the only one!) did not yet know what a great challenge they were creating for designers from future generations. But the light bulb, the little glass ball in our living room sky, everyday enlightener and symbol of an idea that suddenly comes to mind, doesn’t just want to dangle from the ceiling! Extravagant by nature, she only shows herself when the wardrobe is perfect. With a floral dress from Tiffany, a pitched reed cap or fabric veils around it, she tries (sometimes also on a graceful, proud pedestal) to hide her large belly. This studio takes you into the twilight world of lighting devices. We will explore different sources of light, experiment with reflective colors or surfaces and realize our own lamp design with paper.

Series 3:
Pop-up Square Café
Growing up among pesticides, global warming and inequality everywhere. It seems the young generation has a heavy burden to carry! But how do you see it? We start every Wednesday in the kitchen, the best place to chat and explore a “new” way of cooking. Have you already transformed seaweed, sweet potato or kuzu into a delicious sweet pastry? What drink would go well with it: golden milk, matcha tea or red beet latte? Afterwards we will move to the square with our sweets and brews, where a pop-up café will unfold. Can we entice passersby with our plant-based curiosities? Will conversations emerge that can do more than just activate taste buds? Can we turn this into real activism? And what is it actually for? During five weeks, we’ll bring it all together: big questions, plates of solutions and voices from everyone around us.
Come to the Square Café!

On Wednesdays from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
For young people aged 12 to 15 years
Cost, including materials: 60 euros per series of 5 workshops or 150 euros for 3 series (15 workshops)
Registration via mail@abc-web.be

Theme 1, 08/11, 15/11, 22/11, 29/11 and 06/12/2023
Theme 2, 10/01, 17/01, 24/01, 31/01 and 07/02/2024
Theme 3, 28/02, 06/03, 13/03, 20/03 and 27/03/2024