Kamishibai Package

Kamishibai Package

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Feel like working with the kamishibai yourself in your classroom, library, after school care…?

Kamishibai is a unique tool to get started with language in a fun and attractive way. The magic of the small theatre, the fascinating world of stories, and especially the visual power of the drawings guarantee a lot of fun with language.

Therefore, ABC developed a kamishibai package. It consists of a wooden trunk containing a theatre, two stories and a notebook. The trunk also serves as a riser to increase visibility when telling stories. The kamishibai-notebook, which is included, is a collection of creative language activities that help teachers, librarians and other interested people to get going on their own. It contains suggestions and more elaborate ideas to work with kamishibai, not only to promote reading and fun with language, but also about cultural history, environmental studies, arts education, drama, etc.