The Magic Wand (Het toverstokje)

The Magic Wand (Het toverstokje)

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The Magic Wand
Text: Rian Visser / Illustrations: Klaas Verplancke / © Gottmer, 2001
Number of plates: 24 / Ages: 4+

Timo is very good at making things. One day he decides to make a little dog, a little dog that can really bark. But once the little dog is finished, it makes no sound. Timo angrily throws the little dog on the ground so hard that its tail breaks off. The tail is black with a white spot on the end. It looks almost like a magic wand! When Timo shakes the stick, strange things start happening.

Kamishibai made in collaboration with the Province of West-Flanders, 2010.

Available in Dutch.