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STUDIO Science & Art Lab

Playful discovery in the arts and sciences is, since the beginning of ABC, a main principle in our activities.
At the moment, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, known as STEM, are high on the education agenda. And yet in this regard it is lacking the arts as an essential element: STEM + ARTS = STEAM. In many common areas of these different domains, we show the creative parallel world between artists and scientists. Intensive research combined with intuitive thinking is just one example.
Numerous interactive modules on astronomy, architecture, mathematics and digital techniques poetically give many new insights into the various interactions. Through stories we unlock the experimentation and curiosity of ‘uomi universali’ just as Leonardo da Vinci, Ibn Sina, Galileo Galilei and archaeologist Mary Anning. In this way, we hope that schools that work around STEM (will) be inspired by our ideas and materials to go beyond the traditional transfer of knowledge.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him to discover it within himself”
Galileo Galilei

In the frame of Storm op Komst
from 18/03/2016 till 21/03/2016
de Warande, 2300 Turnhout