Toy Workshop Venice

Partners: Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia

Place: Bienale Venice – Italy

Period: 2012

Location: Belgium paviljoen

Photos: © ABC vzw

With the support of Flanders

International Kids Carnival is an annual initiative of arts education activities, organised over ten days in February in the central pavilion and a number of national pavilions.

ART BASICS for CHILDREN selected different ideas from the ABC-house’s ‘Creative Resource-Library’ in Brussels to make handmade toys, largely with cheap recyclable materials, from the everyday environment. Inspired by various artists, in this workshop we want to share our fascination with this universal cultural heritage because of its timeless magic, creative spirit, its simplicity and ingenuity, poetic power and aesthetic qualities.

Un laboratorio bellissimo!!!
Pietro e Nina

…much more than a teacher,
much more than a student,
and much more than an educational center
… this is the right art!
Thanks to everybody