SEASON 2014-2015


From 07/01/2015 to 05/06/2015
Our design tree is now firmly rooted in our garden and we are happy to make it grow even more next year.
In addition to proven activities from the past and process-oriented work related to fashion and product design, we'll also explore the practical applications of 3D printing and improve our graphic design skills.

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"Design is not just a feature of our surroundings, however, but also a process. When we arrange flowers in a vase, plan a meal or decide what to wear in the morning, we all engage with design and – one one level – become designers, constantly forming and re-forming the functional and aesthetic surroundings to our existences. Designed spaces and objects give us – and our lives – meaning.
They facilitate a two-way dialogue between ourselves and the material world: design plays a vital role in defining both our individual and our collective identities."

Penny Spark, The Genius of Design, Quadrille Publishing London, 2009

Image: Pamela Pease, The world of Design, Paintbox Press, 2009